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Nautilus has been running training courses for the petroleum industry since 1999 and has offices in Newbury (UK) and Houston (USA).

In 1999 Nautilus launched a unique training alliance model: The Geoscience Training Alliance (GTA) in the UK in 1999 with six member companies and an audience of 450 geoscientists. We set up our U.S. business in 2001 using the same business model. In 2004 Nautilus introduced the Foundation Programme (FP) consisting of a range of courses specifically designed for staff with less than 5 years experience and for cross-discipline training.

In 2007 Nautilus launched a similar GTA business in South East Asia (SEAA), responding to a specific and coordinated request from a group of our clients.

2007 also saw Nautilus introduce its training alliance model to the engineering side of the petroleum industry as it launched the Engineering Training Alliance (ETA) in North America. Based on the same founding principles as the original GTA the ETA developed with a nucleus of member companies and was introduced into Europe in 2009.

In March 2011 Nautilus was acquired by the RPS Group and is now part of the Energy division of RPS. For more information about RPS please follow the link in the box on the right.

Nautilus now has more than 100 members internationally with 5-10 new companies joining every year.


Contact us: To find out more about Nautilus, our training alliances or any of the courses we run.

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RPS: In 2011 Nautilus was acquired by RPS. Find out more about RPS here. (External link)

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