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Course Details

Play Fairway Analysis and Prospect Evaluation: Key Concepts and Techniques


The course covers the essential principles, concepts and methods involved in subsurface play fairway analysis, prospect evaluation, chance of success (COS) assessment, the calculation of prospect volumetrics and petroleum economics. 3D outcrop imagery from the Wessex Basin will allow participants to visualise and manipulate outcrop examples of geological features.

Duration and Training Method

A five-day classroom course, incorporating lectures and instruction supported by practical exercises in play fairway mapping, risking, prospect evaluation and petroleum economics. Integrated exercises using the 3D outcrop imagery and data from the Wessex Basin are used to provide hands-on experience and reinforce key learning points.

Class Dates

Competency Level: Basic Application
Format: Classroom

This course may be scheduled in the next 12 months with dates available once logistics are confirmed.

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Delivery types available:
Alliance Membership
Open Access