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North Sea Turbidite Systems: Core Characteristics and Reservoir Quality of Intra-basinal ‘Classical’ Turbidites vs. Extra-basinal Hyperpycnal Systems


The workshop will explain the depositional processes operating in marine gravity-flow systems and will use core and outcrop examples to demonstrate characteristic features of ‘classical’, hyperpycnal (delta-fed) and bottom-current systems.  Cored intervals from Norwegian Jurassic, Cretaceous and Palaeocene reservoirs will demonstrate the depositional facies that characterise each system. Outcrop examples of hyperpycnal systems in Spitzbergen, Utah and Argentina will be compared with cores from recent discoveries offshore Norway to illustrate criteria for distinguishing delta-fed hyperpycnal systems in shelfal and basinal settings from ‘classical’ surge-type turbidites.

Duration and Training Method

A two-day workshop comprising core analysis interdispersed with lectures.  Classroom exercises will focus on depositional and diagenetic controls on reservoir quality in these systems and their prediction in the subsurface.

More Information

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  • Competency Level: Skilled Application
  • Format: Classroom
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